Tovita Nutrition x Kamps: Campus Power Couple

Everyone knows that staying healthy and fit means more than hitting the gym. Good nutrition is arguably 70-80% of what keeps us lean, energized, and fitting into freshman year's jeans. So why is it so hard for us to eat healthy, especially in college? Sure, it can be done, but it takes a crazy amount of discipline do it alone. In addition, the health-food rumor mill is always churning out new gossip. What's a college kid to believe? Most people have heard of nutrition counseling, but probably haven't considered hiring someone to sit down with weekly, especially when we barely have time to get more than 6 hours of sleep a night.

Tovita Nutrition is the perfect health service for the average college student. Founded by two dietitians in 2015, Tovita is a virtual nutrition counseling service. Talk about on-the-go! The program is for “busy people who may not have time to sit down with a nutrition counselor”. The program consists of one virtual meeting with a specialist, and then extends beyond that session to provide daily health advice. Looking for quick grocery shopping tips? Healthy menu options at a restaurant? Tovita is your go-to!

In addition, Tovita provides support for other aspects of life; fitness, sleep and social life. Their motto can be catch phrased as “back to the basics” – Tovita prides themselves on healthy living through clean eating and mental clarity. Currently they are running a promotion with Kamps, a new fitness studio in Madison. If you haven’t gone already, Kamps is a 5- month old HIIT studio located in the hub of campus. Sam Karl, a UW-Madison alumni and fitness guru, is the founder and head trainer of the studio. With over 100 daily visitors and over 1,000 instagram followers, Kamps prides themselves on healthy living. Tovita and Kamps go hand-in-hand; we simply cannot think of a better partnership! Feel good on the inside and the outside. If you sign up for Tovita Nutrition today as a student, you’ll get a free Kamps class and a 10% Tovita discount! Now that’s a deal.