Why Essential Oils Are ESSENTIAL

They help you relax or sleep, improve complexion and skin, improve digestion, deal with infection, smell amazing… the list goes on. The essential oil faze seems to be a thing of the past for no apparent reason. We’re all about these plant based diets nowadays but seemed to forget about the number one plant based essential, oils! Essential oils are known for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits, they provide a more holistic approach to wellness (aka: toxins no more). These oils are distilled from different parts of plants and have the ability to be very potent, which requires small dosages per use and sometimes the necessity to be diluted when applying directly onto skin.

These important and highly useful oils have a price. Sometimes spending the money on essential oils can be a bit daunting, especially when you aren’t sure on how to use them. To your luck, they can be used in just about every way possible. Oils can be used directly on the skin but only when diluted, they can be used as air fresheners, put in air diffusers to disperse essential oils into the air, or added drops to your homemade deodorant! Next time you’re at your local co-op, or even Target, check out the essential oils section and you might just find your new obsession.

Once I boarded the essential oil train I can assure you I am never going back to life without them. I’ve noticed their ability to help my sleep and mood at some of the most questionable times. Some of my favorite oils include lavender to help relax (I usually apply this on my wrists and neck every night before bed), peppermint to relieve stress or even help sore muscles, tea tree oil has powerful antiseptic properties so I use it in my night time face wash to help prevent acne breakouts, and lemon to enhance my mood.

If you’re looking to get into oils, start with one (lavender is very common) and watch the collection grow! Nothing can beat the feeling of naturally healing remedies as simple as this.