Ever feel a little lonely grabbing smoothies and checking out the hottest workout studios around your campus by yourself? Would you love to have a buddy tag along? Enter CHAARG, the hottest fitness organization that is ‘liberating girls from the elliptical.' This fitness club just went live in Madison this semester and I’m loving every second of it. From the weekly studio spotlights, to the weekly small group sesh and the inCHAARG insta fam I became a part of, this is exactly what I was looking for.

The CHAARG goal is to ‘ignite a passion in college-aged girls for health + fitness’ + help girls find their fitness fit. Each girl that joins her campus’ CHAARG chapter are also welcomed into a group of 5,000+ girls from other universities across the country. Once a semester you get the opportunity to get to know CHAARG girls from other chapters through CHAARGies, a positive gift exchange, the National Retreat in Northern Michigan, or their FitPlans. (more information can be found on their website).

While being a part of a CHAARG chapter you join a ‘small group’ with about 15 girls from your chapter. You meet once a week whether it’s for a group workout, coffee date or study sesh. This is a great way to meet girls who are interested in fitness just like you, ++ maybe the best place to find that buddy for smoothie dates. Once a week there is a studio spotlight where the chapter partners with local studios for a workout. This provides girls the ability to find their ‘fitness fit.’ This opens your horizons within the fitness world, whether it introduces you to your first kickboxing class or even a cardio workout with drum sticks!

Aside from these wonderful benefits of joining CHAARG, their main goal is to ‘empower every girl to be the best version of yourself.’ You are never alone on your fitness journey, whether you are just beginning or are finding new ways to advance, 5,000+ girls are along with you on your journey. What better way to do this than through our favorite social media app, Instagram. Every girl loves her Instagram, so what about making a fitness insta? CHAARG girls connect over Instagram through their inCHAARG Instagram accounts to follow others on their journey and cheer each other on.

If you’re interested in meeting new people, finding your fitness or ~healthy~ foodie friend, or creating the best version of you, joining CHAARG is an awesome opportunity. Become a ‘bolt babe’ here. They also have virtual CHAARG chapters for girls who do not have a live chapter at their university yet, this is an awesome opportunity to get connected with the club and possibly become an ambassador for your own university!