Have you heard of the acronym “PTSBD”?

If you have ever escaped the Midwestern spring weather and gone on spring break, you have likely experienced the “Post Traumatic Spring Break Disorder”. "PTSBD” is the reality of coming home after spring break and facing the idea that you will not be soaking up the rays in Mexico or skiing the slopes in Colorado forever. This also means that your pre-Spring Break bod workout routine will likely be needed after splurging on tropical foods and drinks. To avoid getting hit hard with the “PTSBD” bug, try these tips.

Since you have been exploring your vacation spot for a week, why not explore different areas locally? Travelling is always a great reminder that there is so much more to the world than our campus or hometown bubble. Go for a long run and explore an area outside of campus that you have heard of and always wished to see, or get lost on a long run and discover places you have never heard of! My favorite off campus running spot is along Lake Monona.

Jump straight into your routine. This is the best way to get your motivation back to your work, student, and club responsibilities. Look at your schedule and plan out your week. Make sure to include workouts and at the end of the week and treat yourself to a movie or a night out! This will help you jump back into your workout routine to prepare for the next bikini season, summer.

Bring your vacation back with you! If you’re craving the sweet mango smoothie or delicious guacamole you had on the beach of Mexico, recreate your own at home. Look up some recipes that remind you of your favorite healthy treat on vacation and buy some frozen fruit or avocados at the local grocery store to make yourself feel at “vacation”! Keep in mind that after spring break, you only have a quick couple of months to get ready for the summer. Embrace your last couple months of the school year around your friends