Acai You

Earlier this year, the infamous acaí bowl took over the world of social media as the newest dietary craze. Filled with fiber, protein, and natural sugars, these pretty bowls are a great source of nutrients and make for an envy-worthy Instagram. Trendy juice bars all over the country have begun selling this new “superfood,” and lucky for us, Penn State’s local froyo place has started making them as well.

As a student trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I was thrilled to discover that this nutritious treat is available on my college campus. Located at Yogurt Express Downtown, you can customize an acaí bowl to their liking. Acaí bowls are the perfect fix to satisfy your sweet cravings, plus they make for a yummy and well-balanced meal.

To make these bowls, the acaí berry is blended together with an assortment of fruits to form it’s thick, smoothie-like base. Between homemade granola, honey, coconut, berries, bananas, and peanut butter, the possibility for toppings are endless! Yogurt Express’ bowls are huge and well worth the price, however the atmosphere isn't ideal. Fortunately, the acaí bowls come in easy to-go containers and make up for the atmosphere with their tasty flavors.

So next time your craving a healthy and delicious meal, head to Yogurt Express and grab an acas bowl!